Integer and sq cm

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Integer and sq cm

Of these, the avoirdupois weight is the most common system used in the U. Apothecaries weight—once used by pharmacies—has been largely replaced by metric measurements.

Tower weight fell out of use in England due to legal prohibition in centuries ago, and was never used in the U. The imperial system, which is still used for some measures in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries, is based on avoirdupois, with variations from U.

The pound avoirdupois, which forms the basis of the U. Other units of mass are defined in terms of it. The avoirdupois pound is legally defined as a measure of mass[16] but the name pound is also applied to measures of force.

For instance, in many contexts, the pound avoirdupois is used as a unit of mass, but in some contexts, the term "pound" is used to refer to " pound-force ".

The slug is another unit of mass derived from pound-force. Troy weight, avoirdupois weight, and apothecaries' weight are all built from the same basic unit, the grain, which is the same in all three systems. However, while each system has some overlap in the names of their units of measure all have ounces and poundsthe relationship between the grain and these other units within each system varies.

For example, in apothecary and troy weight, the pound and ounce are the same, but are different from the pound and ounce in avoirdupois in terms of their relationships to grains and to each other.

The systems also have different units between the grain and ounce apothecaries' has scruple and dramtroy has pennyweightand avoirdupois has just dram, sometimes spelled drachm. The dram in avoirdupois weighs just under half of the dram in apothecaries'.

The fluid dram unit of volume is based on the weight of 1 dram of water in the apothecaries' system. To alleviate confusion, it is typical when publishing non-avoirdupois weights to mention the name of the system along with the unit.

Integer and sq cm

Precious metals, for example, are often weighed in "troy ounces", because just "ounce" would be more likely to be assumed to mean an avoirdupois ounce.

For the pound and smaller units, the U. However, they differ when dealing with units larger than the pound.

The definition of the pound avoirdupois in the imperial system is identical to that in the U. The grain is used to describe the mass of propellant and projectiles in small arms ammunition.

It was also used to measure medicine and other very small masses. Grain measures[ edit ] In agricultural practice, a bushel is a fixed volume of The mass of grain will therefore vary according to density. Some nominal weight examples are:Math Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on Math.

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The symbol for square foot is ft 2 or sq ft. There are square feet in a square.

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