Write a java code for merge sort and explain with example of aperitif

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Write a java code for merge sort and explain with example of aperitif

Simplest programming tutorials for beginners What do you want to learn today? It is one of the most popular sorting algorithms and a great way to develop confidence in building recursive algorithms.

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Divide and Conquer Strategy Using the Divide and Conquer technique, we divide a problem into subproblems. When the solution to each subproblem is ready, we 'combine' the results from the subproblems to solve the main problem.

write a java code for merge sort and explain with example of aperitif

Suppose we had to sort an array A. A subproblem would be to sort a sub-section of this array starting at index p and ending at index r, denoted as A[p. Divide If q is the half-way point between p and r, then we can split the subarray A[p.

Conquer In the conquer step, we try to sort both the subarrays A[p. If we haven't yet reached the base case, we again divide both these subarrays and try to sort them.

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Combine When the conquer step reaches the base step and we get two sorted subarrays A[p. After that, the merge function comes into play and combines the sorted arrays into larger arrays until the whole array is merged. As shown in the image below, the merge sort algorithm recursively divides the array into halves until we reach the base case of array with 1 element.

After that, the merge function picks up the sorted sub-arrays and merges them to gradually sort the entire array. The merge step of merge sort Every recursive algorithm is dependent on a base case and the ability to combine the results from base cases.

Merge sort is no different. The most important part of the merge sort algorithm is, you guessed it, the "merge" step. The merge step is the solution to the simple problem of merging two sorted lists arrays to build one large sorted list array.

The algorithm maintains three pointers, one for each of the two arrays and one for maintaining the current index of final sorted array.

Have we reached the end of any of the arrays? Compare current elements of both arrays Copy smaller element into sorted array Move pointer of element containing smaller element Yes: Copy all remaining elements of non-empty array Writing the code for merge algorithm A noticeable difference between the merging step we described above and the one we use for merge sort is that we only perform the merge function on consecutive sub-arrays.

This is why we only need the array, the first position, the last index of the first subarray we can calculate the first index of second subarray and the last index of second subarray.There will come a day where the two merge not to complete a long-coming symbiosis, but because it's that much easier for a developer to make their game compatible with one or two sets of architecture rather than a mile long laundry list of sound cards, graphics cards, processors and auxiliary tech.

In computer science, merge sort or mergesort is a sorting algorithm for rearranging lists (or any such linear sequential data storage structure) into a specified order. It is a particularly good example of the divide and conquer algorithmic paradigm.

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write a java code for merge sort and explain with example of aperitif

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